Modern Imaging Technology To Better Diagnose Your Injuries

Scotty and Lou screen 1Like major hospitals and other large clinics Accident & Injury offers modern, cutting-edge imaging technology that allows our professionals to accurately identify your injuries and the source of your pain. Through these imaging techniques we can look inside your body and get a clear idea of what’s wrong, and follow that up with the best course of treatment for you.

Our high tech tools include:
• Digital X-ray
• Open MRI*
• CT scanners*

Our digital X-ray capability allows us to bypass the chemical processing step of traditional X-rays making the images available for immediate review. The images are also clearer, and there is less radiation exposure for our patients. At Accident & Injury you and your doctor of chiropractic can almost immediately discuss the actual root causes of your pain and work out a strategy to relieve it.

Unlike most MRI machines with enclosed tubes, ours are an open-air design. We have two of the finest open MRI’s available from Hitachi Medical Systems, located in Oak Cliff and the Arlington. You can relax in comfort without feeling closed in and experience a quiet imaging exam.

Dr. Kenneth Lustik, Director of ImagingThough you always have the option to pick your imaging provider, at Accident & Injury Chiropractic, you can relax knowing our friendly, caring staff will do everything possible to make you comfortable and ensure your testing goes smoothly using the right imaging tools. We are happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Properly diagnosing your injury helps us to treat and relieve your pain efficiently and effectively.

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*White Rock open air MRI, DFW CT and North Texas Open Air MRI share common ownership with Accident & Injury Pain Centers Inc.