Paitent Testimonials

These are real reviews of Accident & Injury Chiropractic from around the web:

Smiling Faces Greet You at the Door - Accident & Injury Chiropractic

“These people are wonderful and full of greatness for each and every person who comes to Accident & Injury.” – N.G.

“The doctors and staff were and are a great team. I truly thank them for such kind services.” – L.J.

“The staff and chiropractors are very helpful and know their craft. Thanks for helping me!” – P.B.

“The doctor and staff do a great job attending to all the patients. Keep up the good work!” – R.B.

“They treated me very well. I am very satisfied with the attention I received at the clinic.” – F.P.

“I recommend the Dr. and employees – the best!” – S.J.

“Great work! Dr. does an amazing job. Love Mary as well.” – P.B.

“The entire staff is awesome!” A.B.

“A wonderful staff to be around. So friendly!” – T.W.

“Since coming here for therapy I am feeling so much better. Pain is all just about gone and I can get back to my normal activities.” – F.S.

“I was treated very respectfully and with professional care from the time I started. Thank your staff for me.” – C.S.

“Nicest people in the world.” – J.N.

“I was very satisfied. Thanks for all of your guys’ help. Definitely coming back if I have another accident.” – J.B.

“The doctor and Paulina have been very caring and have taken care of all of my needs. They have been great at explaining everything to me.” – L.P.

“The staff is just a blessing. You could not find any better.” – G.J.

“I am very happy with my results. I would be happy to recommend Accident & Injury. Thanks for everything.” – G.R.

“Very good with treatments and keeping me up to date on the progress of my injury.” – R.C.

“Best doctors and staff. Always helpful.” – A.F.

“I prefer this clinic. Best place for injury treatments.” – J.S.

“Great personality and great relationship with patients.” – M.B.L.

“I loved my visit. I was treated with respect by all associates and I would recommend anybody. All 10’s.” – C.R.

“Excellent all the way around. Love these guys.” – L.U.

“Thanks for all your help. I have been truly blessed to have as my doctor.” – A.N.

“Very positive atmosphere from staff and location.” – J.S.M.

“I am very satisfied with the treatments that were provided for me. Thanks to the staff.” – K.H.

“Dr. Mooring and Paulina are AWESEOME!! They make an unpleasant, painful experience (car accident) bearable!! Wish more doctors were as kind as Dr. Mooring!!”  – A.B.

“They are awesome! I feel better every day. Best decision ever!” – K.P.

“Love the way they take care of me.” – A.Y.S.

“Great!” – I.V.

“They are good people. They treat you with respect.” – A.S.

“I loved how the staff takes time to listen and hear my concerns.” – H.L.

“I LOVE this place!!!” – L.S.

“The clinic staff have treated me and all of my concerns. I couldn’t ask for better treatment. The doctor is great.” – R.S.

“Thanks to the therapy I received I feel much better.” – A.C.

“Nice, helpful people. I am blessed to have them helping me.” – J.B.

“Awesome doc, driver and staff!!” – J.F.

“I would like to thank all of the staff. Wonderful and very caring.” – T.D.

“Very professional, helpful and respectful staff. A1 services.” – C.S.

“It was a pleasure. I will recommend A&I and getting the Pro Treatment. Thanks, y’all.” – J.M.P.

“I am very happy with the treatment and care that I have gotten from all the staff and doctors.” – W.E.

“Staff is kind and concerned about the patients.” – F.S.

“Dr Hootan is an excellent doctor. He and Annette have been very professional and good with the therapy I have received from them. Thank you so much.” – R.G.

“Great staff! Always professionally personal and well informed.” – K.S.

“I am pleased with my treatments and therapy.” – R.S.T.

“The clinic staff and Doctor were wonderful. Always treated me with courtesy and respect. Keep up the good work at A&I Chiro. Mary and Dr. Wirth are exceptional. I wish I didn’t have to see the chiropractor but this entire office makes me look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend this office & these doctors.” – M.R.

“I have recommended many of my family to get here because it has a good staff and good people.” – C.S.

“Job well done. Keep it up.” – D.L.

“The staff does a great job taking care of all my needs.” – S.T.

“A+ services! Staff very professional.” – D.M.

“Outstanding customer service, professionalism, and pride in workmanship!” – H.A.

“I don’t think my healing would have happened without your help.” – S.J.I.

“I am pleased and satisfied beyond all expectations.” – C.S.R.

“This is a great place for injury treatment!” – E.E.

“Very positive atmosphere, staff, and location.” – J.S.M.

“Helpful people. Very considerate.” – K.C.

“Dr Marcam and Liz Davilla were fantastic! Always kind and considerate, respectful. I will definitely recommend them.” – L.E.

“I cannot say it enough how wonderful the staff is at the facility!” – M.B.

“I’m extremely happy and will recommend the facility, especially Dr Hootan with his expertise and kind personality.” – R.G.

“Excellent place to come and be treated after an injury. Highly recommend this location and its staff.” – E.G.

“I appreciate the courtesy and frankness with which I was treated. All my questions were answered.” – G.F.

“Excellent! The Pro Treatment!” – J.M.P.

“Nice doctor and staff. Marysol very nice to all.” – W.R.L.

“The staff is amazing!!” – T.E.

“I love this place; doctor and staff.” – T.S.

“The doctor was very accurate in regards to info to improve my condition. The staff was very courteous and caring.” – J.S.

“I felt the doctor was very knowledgeable of my injury. I will recommend others to Accident & Injury Chiropractic in the near future.” – K.H.P.

“Doc and staff at the Arlington location are incredible.” – C.V.

“When I come to Accident & Injury with Dr. Hootan and his lovely assistant, I feel like I am at home. They understand my pain. They give me excellent care. I love it!” – S.L.

“The doctor was very professional and knowledgeable about treatment. The staff had a smile every time me and my family came. Would recommend this clinic.” – H.D.

“Thank you Dr. Mark. This is the best chiropractic (clinic) in the state of Texas. I really thank him for getting me back in shape and making my day so good. Thank you so much. And Maira is the best!” – D.R.

“Dr Rayshell is the best chiropractor in Texas. And I want to thank him for all he has done. Maya takes good care of me, too. God bless you both!!” – D.B.

“Amazing doctor and staff. They made me feel safe and made me want to take care of myself.” – C.S.

“Excellent doctor. Excellent staff and driver. Very clean clinic.” – T.S.

“Like Tony the Tiger says,’It is great'” –  J.M.P.

“I was treated very well. The staff seems to be very caring.” – J.W.

“These people are excellent. They treat me like family.” – F.V.

“Everything was perfect!” – F.T.

“Doctors and staff are very nice people to be around.” – E.W.

“The doctors on staff at this place were very helpful in my recovery. This is an amazing place.” – H.E.

“The best chiropractic (clinic) with the best staff in Irving.” – E.P.

“Excellent” – M.L.

“They are doing extreme good.” – P.N.

“Glad I’m recovered but sad to leave the doctors and staff. Very nice, all of them.” – J.M.

“I appreciate the time and help from staff for my recovery.” – K.C.

“Everyone here was very courteous and professional. Very positive team.” – N.T.

“Great staff…” – S.A.

“I have no doubt that I would still be in pain if not for the excellent care I have received here at Accident & Injury.” – K.P.

“Best doctor (of chiropractic) in the world!” – C.W.

“This place has done wonders for me and the staff is awesome. Great people. Very professional.” – D.L.

“I feel much better. Thank you!” – M.R.

“Great help in my time of need!” – G.S.

“The help I received here made things easy and it worked!” – B.D.

“Thanks for everything. You guys are so nice and friendly.” – Y.C.

“They love their work. It shows!” – D.T.

“Great staff and excellent care. I will never forget it. Thank you.” – S.D.

“I feel better every day. Thank you Accident & Injury!” – S.L.

“I love this place and its staff!” – K.G.

“Dr Wirth has helped me so much and is an excellent doctor. I would recommend him to anyone with pain.” – T.S.

“I really like how the woman in the front and the doctor treated me.” – B.W.

“I couldn’t and wouldn’t change a thing. I felt very welcomed. My treatment was exceptional.” – M.B.

“The staff, doctor, driver are all excellent!” – T.S.

“I love this clinic! The people are so friendly.” – G.M.

“The Staff at Accident & Injury Chiropractic was professional and Dr. Wirth explained the treatment in a way that you could understand and he answered all questions.” – G.S.

“ALL the staff are very attentive and Especially Alexandra she is so awesome I REALLY think she deserves an AWARD VERY SWEET YOUNG LADY” – E.W.

“Dr. at Accident & Injury Chiropractor knows what he is doing!! He will fix you right up! I would recommend Accident & Injury to others.” – S.V.

“The clinic staff and Doctor were wonderful. Always treated me with courtesy and respect.” – C.M.

“Doctor was very nice and explained everything in detail and Mary was very nice and polite. I would really recommend my friends to come here if they have an accident.” – A.R.

“Now that treatment is complete. I leave with tools to assist the future. If the need were to ever present itself again, I absolutely know where I would call. I would recommend Accident & Injury Chiropractic to others.” – A.G.

“Everyone is polite and Helpful. I like the results from the first day of my accident till now. Yes I would recommend Accident & Injury to others.” – A.R.

“The staff is fantastic! So friendly and nice!! Great doctors! I feel like they genuinely care about me & how I’m feeling. I had never been to a chiropractor before coming to this office. I din’t know what to expect. Everything was explained to me in terms I can understand. When I missed an appointment, they called me because they were concerned more about me than they cared about a missed appointment – at least that’s how I felt – “Are you okay?” was the first thing they asked! I wish i didn’t have to see the chiropractor but this entire office makes me look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend this office & these doctors.” – D.J.

“Dr. Wirth was very helpful and explanatory about everything and broken down to the level of my expertise. Mrs Mary was always polite, courteous, very helpful and a very hard worker and in other word is dedicated to her job duties.. Personally I think Dr. Wirth and Mrs. Mary make a very good team. I am proud that I had a chance to let a team such as them take care of my therapy. I would definitely tell others that they be given the best customer care here!” – A.L.

“Loved the service. Makes you feel like a Family. I would recommend Accident & Injury Chiropractic to others.” – J.S.

“The employees made us feel at home and kept us laughing! The Clinic staff treated me with respect and courtesy, and valued my time. I would recommend Accident and Injury Chiropractic to others.” – C.H.

“Excellent Service, Excellent bedside manners! Very accommodating! I received all my paperwork in a timely fashion and was treated courteously. I would recommend Accident & Injury Chiropractic to others.” – R.J.

“A good place to come if you suffered an injury. Excellent Therapy – The clinic was clean and equipped with state of the art therapy. Excellent staff and doctors. I would recommend Accident & Injury Chiropractic to others.” – T.G.

“I am glad that I got the help I needed from the people I needed. Everyone was very kind, courteous and they made it a joy to come for appointments. Excellent staff and Doctors.” – S.B.